Switzerland´s Source of Vitality

Explorers throughout history have searched for the legendary fountain of youth. And while the elusive fountain has yet to be found, certain places across the world have emerged as centres where people live substantially longer than the worldwide average (around 71 years), and each has its own secret source of vitality.

We talked to residents in some of the countries where people live the longest, as ranked by the 2017 World Happiness Report, to uncover the reasons why these places seem to nurture longevity.

Inside Switzerland

Men fare better in Switzerland than anywhere else in the world, living to be 81 on average. As one of Europe’s wealthiest countries, access to high-quality healthcare, strong personal safety and sense of wellbeing contributes to the high rank.  some studies even point to the country’s high intake of cheese and dairy as a leading factor.  Men fare better in Switzerland than anywhere else in the world

Though the country can be very career focused with many expats moving for work at one of the country’s many international headquarters, its central location makes it easy to balance frequent relaxing escapes. “It’s a career pinnacle, location-wise,” said Gatti, who has also lived in Switzerland. “Living here allows for wonderful weekend trips all over the continent and to spend time outdoors in the enchanting Alps.” The schools are also some of the “best on the planet,” he added, which makes it appealing to young families.


Arosa Wanderama

Mountain hike Prättigau – Schanfigg

Just one of the many hiking opportunities from Arosa

Saturday, August 26, 2017 to
Sunday, August 27, 2017
Sunnenrüti – Medergen – Sapün Dörfli – Strassberg – Duranapass – Conterser Schwendi – Gotschnagrat – Weissfluhjoch – Schwifurgga – Furggaalp
Strassberg – Langwies – Rongg – Medergen – Tieja – Grüenseeli – Furggatobel – Arosa

This hike is challenging and puts physical fitness ahead – to be awake for 24 hours, go the day – to experience the night – and wake up to see the morning.

Starting on Saturday in the late afternoon in Arosa. About Medergen into Sapüntal awaits us in the Walser village Strassberg in Sapün midnight hot soup to strengthen. After crossing the Durannapasses we come in Prättigau migrate to Conterser Schwendi and Gotschnagrat to Weissfluhjoch where we enjoy a delicious breakfast. Past the Strelapass we start the descent over the Schwifurga to the valley to Arosa. After arriving at the destination, we end our experience in the Wandorama-Village.

Line / accompaniment

Further information

  • DifficultyT2
  • Marching time17 h
  • Ascent2800 m
  • Descent2800 m
  • Distance53.0 km
  • Meeting pointArosa, Wandorama-Village, 16:00 h
  • ArrivalArosa, Wandorama-Village, approx. 16:00 h
  • Equipment (mountain climbingequipment), good, comfortable footwear, hiking sticks, headlamp, sun and rain protection, warm clothing (gloves, cap), change clothes, intermediate catering (salty advantage, water bottles can always be replenished).
  • CateringIntermediatecateringfrom the backpack. Mittermachtsbike and breakfast in the respective mountain inns
  • Registrationuntil Sunday, August 20, 2017
  • PriceCHF 140.00 incl. Midnight snacks and breakfast
    Children aged 14 and over accompanied by an adult.

Arosa Wanderama – Wandern à la carte!

Wandorama – 26. und 27. August,2017, da wo sich Naturfreunde, Geniesser, Feinschmecker, Gesellige, Entdecker, und GPS-ler treffen. Das Motto lautet auch dieses Jahr Wandern à la carte! Überzeugen Sie sich selbst, es stehen Angebote für jeden Geschmack auf dem Programm.
Arosa Wanderama

Wandorama – 26th and 27th August, where nature lovers, gourmets, explorers, and GPS enthusiasts meet. The motto is also this year hiking à la carte! Be assured, there are offers for every taste on the program.

Sein Aufenthalt
Wenn Sie nach einem friedlichen Ort suchen, um im Herzen von Arosa zu bleiben, sind wir sicher, dass Sie sich im Chalet Runca entspannen können. Unsere Betten sind bequem, unser Wasser ist rein, die Küche gut ausgestattet und oben sind sie alle gemütlich.Aufenthalt in einer Runca Wohnung Oder das andere</a am kommenden Wochenende