E-Car Refuel Station. Environmentally Engaged Arosa

13701232_1017089221738590_4501360182396745197_oArosa already produces it’s own electricity with HEP.
Arosa now has an Energy charging station to refuel e-cars, e-bikes and e-Scooters.
Fuelling is quite simple, with all the necessary information in German, French and English.
Asia-, US- as well as European electric cars can be charged. 
The Charging Station helps advertise arosa as an environmentally friendly resort . Arosa belongs to, for example, the Alpine Pearls criteria.

French Alps in Summer

A day in Les Saisies, on top of mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, that funny skateboarding down hills, rope adventure, and an action packed programme of learning circus tricks etc – endless summer fun for families.

And how about Sailing, Paddle Boarding or taster Optimist this Summer?  A lovely drive from the chalet for a great day or week of watersports.
passeport saisies