New Indoor Facilities

June, 2016.
Olympic Trampolining Training
For the 49th Nissen Cup, the best trampoline athletes in the world gather in Arosa. Among them are also the reigning Olympic champion Dong Dong of China and Rosie MacLennan of Canada.

More about Arosa

Arosa’s tradition as a tourist attraction dates back over a hundred years with it’s excellent snow record for winter sports. It was first discovered as a health resort with its long sunshine days and pure air. Arosa now features state-of-the-art sport facilities and offers lots of opportunity for outdoor adventure.

Arosa is isolated up at 1800m amongst nature and wildlife, it is a vibrant town with a friendly atmosphere.

Arosa has its own electricity, radio station, weather station, newspaper, dairy produce, beer and spring water and emergency services. It has a modern and traditional open air ice rink, restaurants, tea rooms, sport bars, nightclubs, boutiques, and annual international events.

Traffic is kept to a bare minimum in this enchanting holiday resort. Most travellers arrive by train, and in resort footpaths and bus routes make getting around resort very easy and convenient.

In the tracks of Sir Arther Conan Doyle
“The snow fell away here at an angle of from 50 to 60 degrees,” wrote the creator of Sherlock Holmes, in 1884 in the Strand magazine, “and as this steep incline, along the face of which we were shuffling, sloped away down until it ended in an absolute precipice, a slip might have been serious.”
More than a century later, the start of the off-piste epic from Davos to Arosa across the Maienfeld Furka pass has lost none of its initial bite. Sir Arthur was comforted by the security of having his local guides, the Branger brothers, standing beneath him to arrest any fall.
“Skis,” Sir Arthur told the readers of the Strand, “are the most capricious things on Earth. One day you cannot go wrong with them. On another, with the same weather and the same snow, you cannot go right… I am convinced that there will come a time when hundreds of Englishmen will come to Switzerland for the ‘skiing’ season.”



Something to help visualise your next ski!  Follow the flow of Ted Ligety.

In the Arosa Ski Area, race gates and timer hut are set up throughout the winter.  There is also a downhill timer, an “orienteering” course and a few “fun parks” – and of course, instructors when needed.
Fun for all the family, guaranteed.

Arosa Zeitung News – New Mountain Bike Lift to 2650m

Arosa Mountain Biking
Der Sommer 2016 bringt spannende Neuerungen für Biker

Im kommenden Sommer wird das Bike-Angebot in Arosa Lenzerheide weiter vergrössert. Zudem locken hochkarätige Bike-Events. Eine Veränderung, die alle Liebhaber von luftigen Höhen begrüssen dürften, ist die Möglichkeit, Bikes neben der ersten nun auch mit der 2. Sektion der Weisshornbahn zu transportieren. Möglich ist der Transport von Bikes mit der 2. Sektion der Weisshornbahn zwischen 9.10 und 10.30 Uhr sowie zwischen 15.10 und 17 Uhr. So kann vor der Abfahrt auf neuen Strecken eine umwerfende Aussicht vom Weisshorngipfel genossen werden. Die Luftseilbahn Arosa-Weisshorn ist auch im Angebot Biketicket «2 Ride schwarz» inklusive. Dies ist eine Bike-Tageskarte, mit der eine anspruchsvolle Rundtour von Chur via Lenzerheide, Arosa und retour nach Chur – neu eben auch über den Weisshorngipfel – absolviert werden kann. Die Urdenbahn und der Hörnli Express stehen natürlich ebenfalls weiterhin für den Bike-Transport zur Verfügung.